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Smokey Eye Makeup..


Mastering a smoky eye is a must-do for beauty novices and professionals alike—one it’s of those eye makeup looks that works for everything from a red carpet to a date night to drinks with friends. While this classic look may appear to be something only makeup artists can achieve, perfecting the smoky eye is actually quite simple when broken down step by step. With the help of some experts, we’ll show you how to achieve this classic beauty look in the video below.


Today, the smokey eye is as popular as ever. Makeup artists and beauty lovers are always reinterpreting and reinventing the look, adjusting it to other trends and tastes. This iconic makeup style remains a favourite on red carpets, runways, and in everyday life, whether it’s a delicate and subtle daytime smokey eye or a dramatic, evening iteration.


1. Shimmery Smoky Eye. A shimmery silver shadow used on the mobile lid and along the lower lash line gives this illuminating smoky eye a fun, flirty twist. This could be an excellent choice for anyone with smaller eyes. “I always recommend adding a hint of shimmer or a light matte shade to the brow bone and inner corners to return light to the eyes,” Billy says.

2. Classic Smoky Eye

Here’s an example of a flawless classic smoky eye. The eyeshadow shades are seamlessly blended, the eyeliner is smudged just a touch along the lower lash line, and the long dramatic lashes keep the eyes looking bright and open while bringing the entire look together beautifully.

3. Black Smoky Eyes

When you want to amp up the drama, skip the neutrals and reach for dark eyeshadow colours like charcoal blacks or very dark browns as your all-over shade and crease colour. While this eye makeup look definitely goes dark in those two areas, notice how the highlight is a lighter brown and the lashes are long and lifted to open up the eyes.

4. Colourful Smoky Eyes This look demonstrates that a smoky eye does not always have to be comprised of extremely dark shadows. Green, blue, purple, and even red can be used to achieve this sultry look. As you become more comfortable with using colours for a smoky eye, experiment with monochromatic looks like the one Joan Smalls is wearing here. Choose a single colour and a medium tone for your lid, a darker tone for your crease, and a light colour for your highlight. That simple! 5. Minimal Smoky Eye If you’re more of a no-makeup makeup kind of person, start with a simple smoky eye. Choose lighter shadow shades, go lighter with your crease colour, and avoid smudging your liner. You could even do what Shay Mitchell does here and skip the dark liner along your lower lash line in favour of something brighter—or just skip it entirely.

Smokey Eye makeup

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